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Among the most important parts of your playground is the surface area you decide to construct it on. Playground surfaces include various choices to consider, many which are not safe. With poor surface areas the results can be devastating! Children can and "will certainly", fall from the playground devices. The outcomes of the injuries will certainly depend upon where they land. Find more info on here.
You have to keep in mind that concrete, asphalt, and black top are entirely unsafe and undesirable surface areas to develop your playground on. The playground you are preparing should be away from tree roots, tree stumps, rocks and other particles that can cause injury. Be sure to check for dangerous materials such as damaged glass, and other sharp objects that are in the surface area of your playground equipment.
These will guarantee that you develop a very safe playground for children. You can fill your playground surface area with materials such as, pea gravel, shredded rubber, wood chips, sand, or even mulch works fantastic too!

When deciding which material to use for your playground surface please remember these some of these extremely important elements. Your playground surface needs to be at the really least 6ft. If your playground is over a difficult surface and have used loose fill you must: have 3-6 more inches of loose fill, a layer of geo-textile fabric, layer more loose fill once more and then add impact mats.
If the combined height of the playground equipment and the child is greater than 12 feet (standing on the greatest platform) this is consider extremely unsafe.
With all the years I have spent in "safe" play areas with my own children also others, you cannot prevent all injuries from happening. The greater your playground is, the higher the seriousness of the injury. Bear in mind that absolutely nothing changes great old made adult supervision.
Injury free kids are much happier and so are their households.
I hope all parents, teachers, and adult supervisors realize the significance of the playground area.